The Turkish Proficiency Examination

ü  Do you need proof of your proficiency in the Turkish Language?


ü  Do you wonder whether your Turkish is adequate or not?


The Yunus Emre Institute offers an examination:


  The Turkish Proficiency Examination




The Turkish Proficiency Examination (TYS) has been developed by the Yunus Emre Institute and tests reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Successful candidates are awarded a Turkish Proficiency Certificate.


Why the TYS?

With the Turkish Proficiency Certificate awarded on passing the TYS you can be exempted from the Turkish language classes which form part of Turkish university bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate syllabuses.


Who is the TYS aimed at?

Anyone can enter for the TYS in order for their proficiency in the Turkish language to be assessed, from those learning Turkish as a foreign language, students requiring certification of their level of proficiency in Turkish in order to apply for or be accepted at Turkish universities, and translators and interpreters.



How do you apply for the exam?

Candidates may apply between the dates announced either, in Turkey, direct to the Yunus Emre Institute, or overseas, to the appropriate local Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centre. Applications can be made in person, or by another on their behalf, subject to documentation being complete.



Nature of the Examination

The examination is conducted in two sittings: the first consisting of reading, listening and writing sections; and a second oral sitting where the examinee is required to speak on a topic by him or herself, and then in conversation with another person. The first part lasts a total of 165 minutes, divided as follows: reading 60, listening 45 and writing 60 minutes. The second part lasts a total of 15 minutes split 10 minutes where the candidates speaks on his or her own, and 5 minutes in conversation with another person. The total length of the examination is 180 minutes.



Examination dates: the Turkish Proficiency examination takes three times a year, in January, May and September. If there is sufficient demand, the examination may also take place at other times.  


Location where examination takes place: Yunus Emre Institute and (Overseas) Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Centres.


Examination application fee 

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